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2024 Legislative Session

Here are the top bills that NHPA is watching during this legislative session. For the most up to date information about the status of a bill, visit: 

Top Ten Bills to Watch

House Bill 1042

Title: (New Title) repealing the requirement that each
pharmacy establish a continuous quality improvement
program. (Rochefort)

NHPA Position: Monitor

House Bill 1112

Title: relative to establishing a continuing education
requirement regarding human trafficking for individuals
licensed by the office of professional licensure and
certification. (Rochefort)

​NHPA Position: Oppose

House Bill 1365

Title: relative to substitution of biological products by
pharmacies. (Merchant)

NHPA Position: Support

House Bill 1661

Title: relative to immunization reporting requirements. (Gerhard)

NHPA Position: Monitor. ​

House Bill 1669

Title: relative to restricting data sharing through the
state immunization registry. (Layon)

NHPA Position: Monitor

House Bill 1676

Title: establishing a sunset commission to evaluate
various occupational boards and commissions, and
sunsetting various boards and commissions. (Lekas)


NHPA Position: Oppose

Senate Bill 319

Title: relative to vaccine and pharmaceutical products
purchased, promoted, or distributed by the state and
its political subdivisions. (Gannon)

NHPA Position: Oppose

Senate Bill 369

Title: directing the office of professional licensure and
certification to provide notice of public meetings and
an opportunity for comment, creating a new position,
and making an appropriation therefor. (Carson)


NHPA Position: Support

Senate Bill 402

Title: (New Title) relative to allowing pharmacists to
administer influenza, COVID-19, and other FDA
licensed vaccines without explicit approval from the
general court. (Birdsell)

NHPA Position: Support with amendment

Senate Bill 458

Title: relative to the dispensing of certain medications. (Avard)

NHPA Position: Oppose as written. 

Share your thoughts

If you have thoughts or ideas to share about any of the above bills, we encourage you to get in touch! 

NHPA Board of Directors try to do our best to advocate for the profession of pharmacy, but we are only as good as the information that we have. If a particular bill will have impacts on your practice, we would love to hear your story.

Your voice matters! 

Thanks for submitting!

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