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Labelle Winery 2019  Continuing Education

Sunday October 23, 2019

Course Synopses & Slides

It is recommended you bring a device capable of internet access  

New Hampshire Law Update - Mike Bullek, BSPharm, RPh, Administrator/Chief of Compliance, Office of Professional Licensure and Compliance, State of NH - click here for slides

  • Review of new Board initiatives concerning Quality Assurance legislation and implementation of program. Will discuss what is required upon Board compliance inspection
  • Review new license category for Advanced Practice Technicians and where they will fit with current practice
  • Review new statutes and rules for 2019. Look into new standards of practice rules concerning control drug losses and changes to processes
  • Summarize prescription drug monitoring program and issues affecting pharmacists

A Pharmacist Run Beta-lactam Allergy Assessment Service. More Than One Way to Skin A Cat - Paul Santos, Director, Clinical Pharmacy Operations at Lakes Region General Hospital - click here for slides

  • Review the History of  β-lactam Allergies
  • Recognize the true degree of cross-reactivity between β-lactam antibiotics
  • Discuss the various ways to skin a cat (deliver pharmacist run beta-lactam allergy assessment services)

Addiction and Diversion in NH Pharmacists and Technicians - Sally Garhart, MD, New Hampshire Professionals Health Program, Medical Director - click here for slides

  • Discuss the data of addiction and behavioral issues causing impairment in NH Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Identify the personal warning signs of increased diversion potential
  • Gain better understanding of the personal vulnerabilities that can lead to addiction and/or diversion
  • Explain the obligations to the NH Board of Pharmacy regarding reporting requirements for addiction and diversion in NH
  • Describe and develop prevention and early-warning intervention strategies before “hitting bottom” it is never “too late”



Everybody Makes Mistakes: Medication Safety in Pharmacy Practice - Breanne Paizik, PharmD, Medication Safety Officer, Elliot Health System, Manchester, NH - click here for slides

  • Identify what is a medication error
  • Describe common factors that may contribute to medication errors
  • Identify strategies for preventing errors
  • Describe how to respond to a medication error

Evaluations and Post-Tests MUST Be Completed on or before 8 AM on November 8th 2019

Links to all evaluations & post-tests will be activated at the end of the event 

Instructions - PLEASE READ FIRST

Course Evaluations and Post-Tests for Technicians -   click here

Instructions - PLEASE READ FIRST

Course Evaluations & Post-Tests for Pharmacists -     click here

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