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NHPA 2020 Survey Results:


NHPA Membership Demographics

37% of respondents were members

63% of respondents were non-members

Continuing Education—Attendance Responses

55% have attended a live CE event in the last 2 years;

40% have not because location/time were inconvenient

**We will be adding an event in the North country for our members living there next year


The two primary reasons for having membership in NHPA

· 1. Live CE programs

· 2. Legislation

Regarding CE programs

· 60% want more CE options

· 45% would like CE Webinars

· 30% would like brief Webinar practice updates

· 45% support a combo CE/social event

Website Access

· 80% access website monthly

Practice Location

· 82% practice in state

The top three issues concerning both pharmacists and technicians were:

1. Workload       (55%)

2. Expansion of scope of practice  (28%)

3. Job Market     (17%)

Thank you to all of the NHPA members for your responses to the survey. These responses are helping to inform the decisions that the executive board makes regarding direction and initiatives for NHPA over the coming 1-2 years. Throughout the year, please look out for further surveys, only 1-2 questions each, that will continue to poll the thoughts of the group and help us serve you! We will be looking for more information about your individual needs, services or learning opportunities that may interest the group, and important perspectives about scope of practice and the future direction of pharmacy. Please reach out with questions regarding the initial survey results and if you have any thoughts or concerns. 

2020 NHPA Survey - General Questions


2020 NHPA Survey - Pharmacist Questions


2020 NHPA Survey - Technician Questions

New Hampshire Pharmacists Association 

373 South Willow Street  D1-1, Suite 165

Manchester, NH 03103

NHPA Mission Statement

The mission of the New Hampshire Pharmacists Association is to promote, enhance, and advance pharmacy practice, in the State of New Hampshire by advocating for the professional interests of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists, and ancillary pharmacy personnel as well as to advocate for the health and welfare of the general public.

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